News and updates

A quick update.

We (like everyone else), have seen the number of incidents in the Solent (and indeed at the country park), start to increase.  Whilst we would like to be out on the water to help and provide first aid duties, at the end of the last year we discovered that our current container had finally reached the end of its life.  We very quickly put in place plans to get a new unit put in place, unfortunately, COVID-19 hit us and significantly delayed this process.  However, we are pleased to announce that we have now secured a date for the new container to be delivered and would like to Thank WillBox for assisting us.  Once the unit is on-site, we will then start to kit out the inside and clad the outer shell so that it matches the other buildings within the country park.

Furthermore, we have also completed a great deal of work on both our boats to ensure that they are future proofed and will serve the Solent for years to come.  When we received the Pride of Sidmouth the plan was to conduct an overhaul of the technology on-board at the end of the 2020 season to ensure that we had some of the latest technologies available.  Again, COVID-19 struck, and the senior team had to re-assess, taking the decision to bring this Maintenance forwards and complete it under lockdown.  Whilst this has added a time extension to getting the main vessel afloat, we are now in the final stages of works and are looking to start sea trials on the arctic 24 imminently.  Our D-class boat was always scheduled to have a pod put on to house a chart plotter and fixed Vhf similar to the RNLI boats and we were very fortunate to find Harry Gocher who had a pod from an ex RNLI boat that he was happy to sell to us.  So, the boat was taken off to Wales for the work to be completed just before lockdown hit, so unfortunately even though the boat was returned quickly we were unable to conduct any sea trials in this boat.  The great news is (in the last week), we have seen the boat return to the water to conduct initial sea trials with more planned to follow.

2019 was a very successful year in terms of volunteer recruitment and therefore meant we have a lot of crew to train.  Keeping everyone safe in the ever-changing world we currently live in is our primary responsibility and we were unable to do this in person until we could demonstrate that we were taking the right approach to the COVID-19 guidelines.  The great news now is we are now in a position where we have issued a Covid Secure Status which is the culmination of a lot of hard work from our Heads of Department.

In closing, although we would love to be on station serving the community, we have been systematically and painstakingly working to ensure we return to operations in the best possible position.  If we were to rush now, there is the risk that critical items could be missed and result in serious consequences that we (and we know you), would find unacceptable.

We hope to be able to bring you more positive information soon please keep checking our Facebook page as this is constantly updated with whats happening.

Our D-class refurb is compete.

 We have updated the album with the pictures, and would like to thank Harry Gocher for completing the work.

Solent Rescue One has also had some improvements made in the winter months. For more information click here 

Solent Rescue, has received a boost this month - thanks to a donation from Bluestar.

“We feel it is hugely important to support charities, schools and other organisations within the local areas where we run bus services - and many people living in and visiting Southampton waterside travel with us,” said Bluestar’s Calum Noble-Gresty.

“We even run a special Beach Bus to @Lepe Beach during the summer months.

“It was great to meet the volunteers who work tirelessly to help those in distress along our coastline. I’m delighted we are able to support this very worthy cause, by making a donation from our Community Fund.”

Bluestar’s Community Fund is open for applications from charities, sports teams and schools throughout the year - with funding and support donated during two specific months. The next round of donations will take place in January 2020.


Solent Rescue visits Westminster

18th October 2019

Mims Davies MP for Eastleigh hosted a meeting with Parliamentary Under Secretary of State and Government Whip, Lord Commissioner of HM Treasury Nusrat Ghani MP and other MP's who have an independent lifeboat station in their area. This meeting also included Dr Julian Lewis MP for New Forest East.

The meeting took place in Westminster and was a good networking opportunity for us to chat with other units from around the country and also try and raise the profile of the work that we do in and around Lepe. We had a good discussion with Dr Lewis about how the unit is progressing and how we have changed over the last year and we also spoke about how he could help us to move forward in the future. 

During the day, we also had the opportunity to talk with the other units and discuss best practices, how they work with their local MPs and how they fundraise as a unit.

Overall the day was a great success and hopefully raised the profile of all the Independent Lifeboat charities around the country.



26th June 2019

After an enormously kind gift from fellow Independent Lifeboat station Sidmouth Lifeboat, Solent Rescue are the proud new guardians of 'The Pride of Sidmouth', a 7.66m fully-coded Rescue Rib. This will replace Solent Rescues current larger lifeboat, known as SR1 and will be better suited to the type of waters Solent Rescue operates in. 

A full release can be read on the Solent Rescue Facebook page. 

Photo: Kyle Baker



9th February 2019

This evening, Wayne Monks (Solent Rescue Fundraising Officer) attended an evening organised by the Netley Marsh Steam & Craft show. During the evening, Wayne was generously presented with a cheque for £300 for Solent Rescue. 

We are very honoured to be one of their chosen charities and we are extremely grateful for the kind donation received, which will help the unit in the many ways to best prepare for the season ahead. 


Please visit to find out more about the Netley Marsh Steam & Craft Fair and to get all the latest news on the show, which is taking place this year on the 26th, 27th & 28th July 2019.


Morrisons Visit 

August 2019

Morrisons foundation attended Lepe to present the cheque that has allowed us to purchase our launch and recovery tractor.

Whilst the tractor has been in service for some time it was nice to welcome the local community champion from the Totton store and a member of the foundation team to Lepe to show them what the money had been spent on 



12th February 2019

We'd like to say a massive thank you to Hythe & Dibden Parish Council for their generous donation of £200. This donation will go towards funding a public access Automated External Difibrillator (AED) to be based at our unit at Lepe Country Park. 

Statistics show that if an AED is used and effective CPR is performed on a casualty within 3-5 minutes of a cardiac arrest, their chance of survival increases from 6% to 74% 

Lets hope we never have to use it but by having it on site, it will go a huge way to helping to save a life - so thank you! 

WhatsApp Image 2019-01-05 at


29th January 2019

With thanks to our friends at Thurston Signs in Holbury, Solent Rescue Mobile has undergone a rebrand. We've added 'Lifeboat Orange' colours to our Hilux on the front bonnet and roof, as well as in a battenburg pattern down the side. This will allow us to be much more visible to members of the public when carrying out our patrols at Lepe Country Park so we can operate as safely as possible in areas that get extremely busy during the summer season.


Joint working with Cowes RNLI 

4th August 2019

Solent Rescues D-class Lifeboat was on a routine patrol this afternoon (Sunday) heading towards the Beaulieu river when they came across a motor boat who were drifting due to engine failure with 5 persons on board - 2 of which were children. All were wearing life jackets so a decision was taken to attempt to tow the boat back to Bucklers Hard.

Due to the vessel only having two points in which a line could be attached and the size of the vessel, it quickly became clear that it would be hard work for our D-class to complete the tow safely. Solent Rescue therefore radioed Solent Coastguard for a bigger Lifeboat be sent to the scene. Cowes RNLI Atlantic 85 was tasked and Solent Rescue towed the motorboat to our anchor point off of Lepe Beach whilst waiting for Cowes to attend. Once on scene Cowes quickly took over the tow and took the boat back to Bucklers Hard. 

Wayne Monks Solent Rescues Public Relations Officer says:

This showed great working between an Independent Lifeboat and the RNLI. We train for these events and it was fortunate that we were on a routine patrol and were able to assist the boat before it ran aground and we thank Cowes Lifeboat for their help with the tow.



12th February 2019

On Tuesday evening, New Forest District Councillor Mrs. Alexis McEvoy visited the crew during one of their Tuesday evening training sessions.

Being a small unit, Solent Rescue really does appreciate the work put in by our closest councillor. Throughout the years, Cllr. McEvoy has been a sound supporter of our organisation, especially in times around the most stressful events, and we are very grateful for the generosity she has shown to our unit, including a very kind donation of £1,150 back in January this year. A great start to the year!