This page will be updated with all
details of our new lookout so keep
checking back 

We are grateful to Willbox of Southampton for working with us to achieve the best possible price for our new lookout and storing it whilst we wait for planning permission to be granted.

The new container is slightly bigger which will give us more space to provide a crew room and first aid post. Once on site at Lepe it will be clad in keeping with the buildings at Lepe.

Windows on the back and side will allow us to see in to the country park


We have increased space for the crew room, there is a sink and we will be kitting it out with a coffee machine, Fridge, Microwave and TV. It will also have Cupboards and Filing cabinets thanks to a grant from councillor A. McEvoy. 

This room is also where we will treat people requiring first aid.


One of the biggest changes is in  the ops room where not only do we have increased floor space we also have 4 windows which will allow us to have a better view of the Solent 


We have been donated new signage from Thurston Sign and Print in Southampton  

new signage.jpg

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