Date of Incident: 12.06.21

Time Started and Finished: 16.42-17.50

Location: Mouth of Beaulieu River 

Incident Type: Immediate Medical 

Vessel type: Powered -Recreational Motorboat

Description: Whilst monitoring ch16 overheard a request for medical assistance from a vessel in the mouth of the Beaulieu River, SR2 proceeded to the location and found that there was a Dr on board another vessel but the 2 were struggling to get along side to transfer the Casualty for treatment. As the Dr could not leave his vessel due to him being the skipper, the decision was taken for SR2 to conduct the transfer so the injuries could be examined. Once the Dr. had seen the extent of the injuries the crew member from SR2 transferred to take the vessel to Bucklers 

Crew: Harrison. Dan F, Lee ©, Tristan