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Local VHF Frequencies



Channel 16: Emergency calls to HM Coastguard ("Solent Coastguard"). Not to be used for routine calls - for routine calls to HMCG call direct on channel 67 (see below). Calling Channel: users must transfer immediately to a working channel (normally 06, 72 or 77)




Channels 62,63,64: used by the Coastguard for Marine Safety Information (MSI) broadcasts. 63 has replaced ch.23 (Portland and Boniface Down aerials), 64 has replaced 86 (Newhaven, Needles, and Beer Head aerials).


Channel 67: In the Solent area is monitored by the Coastguard ("Solent Coastguard") for routine small boat traffic; call direct, not via channel 16; but for radio checks, to minimize Coastguard workload,  call the nearest NCI station on channel 65



Channel 65: National Coastwatch Institute UK channel - call direct (not via 16) for radio checks, present weather, inshore weather forecast, and local information... 
Call signs... Calshot Tower: "Calshot NCI" - Lee on Solent: "Lee NCI" - Lepe Country Park: "Stone Point NCI" - Portsmouth area: "Gosport NCI" - Needles: "Needles NCI"



Channel 12: "Southampton VTS" (Vessel Traffic Services) - monitor this channel in the Southampton Port area to be aware of ship movements.  In dire emergency (e.g. imminent risk of collision) can be used to contact a ship - then go to a working boat channel (6, 72, or 77).  The Harbour Master's launch "Southampton Patrol" (or "SP") can be contacted on this channel.


Channel 11: "QHM" (Queens Harbour Master) - in charge of ship movements in the Portsmouth Port area; must be contacted by any vessel (including small yachts, and motor cruisers) before crossing the ship channel in the Harbour


Channel 68: River Hamble: "Hamble Harbour Radio" - Harbour Master; "Hamble Patrol" - Harbour Patrol 
Channel 68: "Yarmouth Harbour" - Harbour office and on water Berthing Masters
Channel 68: Beaulieu River: "Beaulieu River Radio" - Harbour Office; "Beaulieu River Patrol" for patrol


Channel 69: "Cowes Harbour Radio" - Harbour Master, Cowes


Channel 66: "Lymington Harbour" - Lymington Harbour Commissioners


Channel 80: Marina working channels


Channels 09 10 71 74: Ship/Tug/Pilot working channels: NOT TO BE USED BY RECREATIONAL CRAFT (for channel 08 see Boat to Boat channels below)




Channel 06 72 77: the recognized channels for boat to boat communication - be short and concise! N.B. although channel 08 is also a ship to ship channel smaller vessels are asked to leave it clear in Southampton Water and the Docks for use by Tugs

This list is subject to change and should not be used in place of any official publication

Local Contact information:

Lepe Country Park: 023 8089 9108. www.hants.gov.uk/thingstodo/countryparks/lepe

British Divers Marine Rescue: 01825 765546. https://bdmlr.org.uk

Beaulieu Harbour Master: 01590 616200  Beaulieu River & Buckler’s Hard Yacht Harbour

Cowes Harbour: 01983 293952  https://www.cowesharbourcommission.co.uk

National Coastwatch Institution https://www.nci.org.uk

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