Assest: SR2

Tasking: Jetski taking on water 

Location: 50° 47’ 3.59” N 1° 21’ 18.76” W

Jetski in group of 3 located on Lepe spit seemed to be in some difficulty. The crew of SR2 were at the time launching on routine patrol, so headed towards to investigate. 

it became apparent one Jetski was currently under tow from another Jetski, however was not making much speed. Intended destination was Calshot but SR2 crew advised that they would offer assistance and undertake the tow and beach the jetski ASAP before it took on too much water. 

The crew recovered the jetski to shore where source of leak was found and decided that towing further would not be the best option. Another Jetski was to take the owner to Calshot to collect their trailer and bring back to the Lepe to recover their jetski for repair. 




Assest: SRM 

Tasking: Shoreside Medical advice

Location: 50° 47’ 6.37” N 1° 21’ 3.51” W

Medical - Advice Only.
Parents sought medical advice for child who had received a wasp sting - no history of reactions and previous sting (2 years ago) produced no AP reaction. No sting remnants visible. 
Parents advised to monitor and confirm with 111 if any worsening. Child indicating pain as 1 on 1/10 scale.


Assest: SR1

Tasking: Pan-Pan to Engine Loss of Power

Location: 50° 44’ 0.38” N 1° 26’ 0.37” W

Pan Pan- Engine lost power.
4 POB. 
5.3m Sailing Yacht
Seastart 3 in attendance and restarted vessel. Requested SR1 to escort back to Yarmouth. 
Mid journey vessel lost engine power again and was out of fuel. SR1 decided to carry out a long tow closer to Yarmouth. Vessel was refuelled en route. 
Vessel released to Yarmouth harbour master to escort into harbour




Assest: SR1

Tasking: Debris floating in shipping lanes

Location: 50° 46’ 11.64” N 1° 19’ 32.34” W

Various water users had reported floating debris off Thorness Bay throughout the day. SR1 made way to that location but nothing found. Enroute to Cowes for training, crew spotted large pontoon decking floating in the entrance to the river. SR1 crew gathered the debris and handed over to Cowes Harbour Master



Assest: SR Mobile

Tasking: Young Girl with broken Arm. 

Location: 50° 47’ 4.68” N 1° 21’ 16.08” W

While playing on the tress shoreside at Lepe Country Park, a young girl had fallen approx. 5m from height and broken her arm. With an ambulance called by parents to assist, Solent Rescue Mobile co-ordinated on scene to bring in crews and help with initial First Aid prior to SCAS crew arrival.




Assest: SR2

Tasking: SIB drifting off beach

Location: 50° 47’ 10.61” N 1° 20’ 28.17” W

On routine patrol, the crew of SR2 spotted a SIB drifting off Lepe Spit with 3 POB. The 4th member of the 2m SIB was in the water struggling with then engine. SR2 came along side and brought the man onto SR2 and towed the SIB back into the shore after explaining the sheer pin had broken on the prop and the engine would not offer propulsion. The 4POB thanked the crew of SR2 for their assistance and enjoyed the rest of the day from the beach. 



Assest: SR1

Tasking: Pan Pan heard VHF Ch.16

Location: 50° 46’ 50.1” N 1° 21’ 1.92” W

Vessel Pan Pan with engine failure and drifting. With SR1 in Newtown Creek on patrol, they proceeded to the Pan Pan vessel. With approval from HMCG, they established a tow and took the vessel to Bucklers Hard where the tow was passed onto another vessel for the remainder, releaving SR1 back on station. 



Assest: SR1

Tasking: Mayday 

Location: 50° 44’ 31.08” N 1° 21’ 0.42” W

Vessel called Mayday after running aground and unable to move off Thorness Bay. 
SR1 launched and arrived in approx vicinity, asking for further co-ordinates from Solent Coastguard, informing them we would be able to attend and would be 5mins until on scene. HMCG acknowledged offer of assistance and SR1 crew located casualty vessel. Transferred crew member across, who liaised with skipper. A long tow was established to get the vessel off beach. Once afloat skipper happy to continue under own power. 



Assest: SR2

Tasking: Mayday 

Location: 50° 45’ 32.96” N 1° 19’ 45.03” W

Operations room on listening watch Ch16 heard a Mayday call being broadcast. SR2 were immediately mobilised due to the vicinity, with HMCG notified of our readiness to respond. However, with a closer station being mobilised, HMCG thanked Solent Rescue for their immediate response but told to stand down with Calshot RNLI in attendence. 



Assest: Solent Rescue Mobile

Tasking: First Aid response

Location: 50° 47’ 3.39” N 1° 21’ 13.17” W

Solent Rescue alerted to a person who had tripped and fallen over. On assessment, crew queried possible head injury. Patient taken back to Lookout for further assessment.  




Assest: Solent Rescue Mobile

Tasking: Local First Aid 

Location: 50° 47’ 4.16” N 1° 21’ 13.1” W

With a busy day on the beach, Solent Rescue put out regular patrols on shore as well at sea. This saw a few localised concerns from members of the public including a small child treated for a bump to the head. Advice was given to parents and no further action taken from the crew. 



Assest: Solent Rescue Mobile & SR2 

Tasking: Two persons and two dogs cut off by tide on the spit.

Location: 50° 46’ 53.57” N 1° 20’ 46.14” W

Solent Rescue Mobile was alerted to two persons and their dogs apparently cut off from the tide at Lepe Beach. 
The crew of SR2 were informed and prepared to make way proceed as they were already at sea on exercise.
Fortunately, the persons managed to wade ashore prior to arrival of the lifeboat so were observed to ensure they safely returned to land. No further action required. 



Assest: Solent Rescue Mobile 

Tasking: 2 Children Stranded

Location: 50° 47’ 3.24” N 1° 20’ 43.22” W

2 children stranded on a shale bank and unable to get back to shore.

Solent Rescue crew wearing appropriate rescue equipment waded out and returned the children to safety.

On-Scene Coordinator: Solent Rescue foot patrol


Assest: Solent Rescue Mobile 

Tasking: Vessel aground off Lepe

Location: 50° 47’ 1.19” N 1° 20’ 43.22” W

With a vessel aground off Lepe shore, the crew attended without the need to launch a lifeboat. 
Details of the vessel and it's position were conveyed to HMCG and Solent Rescue observed the vessel until HMCG responsed. Calshot Lifeboat were then tasked. 


Assest: Solent Rescue Mobile

Tasking: Dingy engine issues

Location: 50° 47’ 0.23” N 1° 20’ 52.95” W

SR1 reported to SR2 of a dinghy seeming to be struggling with engine failure on lepe spit and asked to head towards location as already on patrol. SR2 made contact, engine failure was down to refuel, all seemed okay, assistance offered and declined. SR2 standing by off spit as well as SR1 at distance. 

Casualty vessel proceeded closer to shoreline where SRM made contact and asked of their intentions and if they held a VHF radio. Intentions were to proceed to Calshot, and they were 'unsure of what the fuss was about' and no VHF onboard. 

SR2 continued on original plan, maintaining lookout as well as SR1. 

SR1 informed Solent CG and Calshot NCI of their presence and intentions.

On-Scene Coordinator: Solent Rescue


Assest: SR1

Tasking: Motorboat lost engine power

Location: 50° 46’ 49.77” N 1° 21’ 0.07” W

Heard on VHF Ch.67 reports of motor vessel which had lost engine power on both engines. Position initially reported as 1/4mile from Beaulieu River. SR1 launched. 

SR1 made way to vessels known location however nothing found. The crew called the casualty vessel and informed us they are 1/4 mile from Lepe car park. SR1 rerouted and found the drifting vessel. 

SR1 assessed the situation and decided to tow the vessel on side by side up the Beaulieu River to Southampton Yacht Club Pontoon where it was put back on mooring. 

All casualty vessel crew safe and well. 



Assest: Solent Rescue Mobile

Tasking: Kayak in difficulties

Location: 50° 47’ 1.35” N 1° 21’ 12.4” W

Solent Rescue were maintaining a duty watch when a crew member observed that kayaker seemed to be in difficulty re-righting and entering his kayak just of the car park foreshore. It was observed that some assistance was being given by another kayaker however was still struggling. 

Solent Rescue crew decided to make way to the kayaker by foot and helped steady the kayak as person recovered himself safe and well. 
Luckily, upon further discussions with the kayaker, this was a planned exercise between themselves. Advice was  given that next time, please inform the duty watch of such activity. 



Assest: SR1

Tasking: Vessel fouled propellor in shipping lane

Location: 50° 49’ 42.97” N 1° 18’ 23.14” W

Whilst on watch, Solent Rescue heard comms on VHF Channel 67 regarding a vessel in Southampton water that has lost engine power and was drifting in the shipping lane. Due to the nature of the location and that it was close to an active shipping lane, Solent Rescue decided to launch SR1.

At 1408hrs Hamble Lifeboat communicated to the crew of SR1 that the vessel had run over a lilo and lost power on one engine. They had managed to restart one engine an that Hamble lifeboat will be escorting the vessel to Mercury. SR1 confirmed they would provide additional assistance to the mouth of the Hamble River and then return to station. 
Hamble confirmed after incident that all were safe and well. 




Assest: SRM

Tasking: Car vs. Snow

Location: New Forest​

Due to severe weather conditions Solent Rescue deployed SRM to assist the public.
On routine patrol, the crew came across 2 cars in difficulty on a hill in the New Forest. Due to the snow and ice, the cars were stuck and unable to move, causing an obstruction in the road. 
One car had 2 occupants and no toeing eye and the
second car had one occupant and a toeing eye. 

The crew cleared the snow and ice from under and around the cars and cleared them both from the highway. 


Assest: SRM

Tasking: Car vs. Snow

Location: New Forest​

Due to severe weather conditions Solent Rescue deployed SRM to assist the public.
They were tasked by Police and Local Authorities to assist a car stuck in the road trying to enter the driveway of there property. 

1 x elder occupant. 

Crew of SRM dug the snow and ice out from under and around the car, cleared the snow drift from entrance to the drive and pushed the car out of the highway onto the drive with further assistance from bystanders.


Assest: SRM

Tasking: Car vs. Ice

Location: New Forest

Due to severe weather conditions that the 'Beast from the East' brought to the south coast, Solent rescue deployed SRM, our shore-based rescue truck to assist the public. The first shout came to assist a car that had skidded on ice at the entrance to a 60mph road. SRM pushed the car to safety and clear of the highway.

*The SRM activity also accounts for mobile foot patrol of Solent Rescue crew




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