This page show pictures from the delivery day 30/7/2020

We are grateful to Willbox of Southampton for working with us to achieve the best possible price for our new lookout and storing it whilst we wait for planning permission to be granted.

The new container is slightly bigger which will give us more space to provide a crew room and first aid post. Now on site at Lepe it will be clad in keeping with the buildings at Lepe.

Its arrival 

Out with the old

In with the New

What a wonderful view

Good bye 


We rely heavily on donations offered by the generosity and goodwill of others. We are fully independent and separate to the RNLI and 100% of your donations will go to keeping Solent Rescue operating to the highest possible standards. 

We are extremely grateful to Banner Buzz for the free banner that they have provided for use at our events.


Our Press officer can be contacted using or by calling 07494124795
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