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Lost child
Child found without parents by 2 crew off watch, reunited with parents 
Lepe Beach. 
PAN PAN from Yacht Zaurak
Solent Rescue 1 attended and towed to Lymington after the yacht had suffered engine issues 
Off of Lepe Beach
Yacht Lumina reported engine failure off Browndown Bouy, Solent Rescue 1 made way to offer assistance, Skipper reported that Sea Start had been called. SR1 stood by untill there arrival 
Browndown Bouy 
Whilst preparing to Launch Solent Rescue Crew noticed there was a yacht aground just off the mouth of Beaulieu river, Once launched SR1 made way and assisted by towing the yacht clear
Mouth of Beaulieu river
As the crew were packing up for the day they we alerted to persons in the water off of Lepe Spit, Solent Rescue Crew located the persons in difficulty, they then assisted in clearing the area for Coastguard Helicopter 175
Lepe Spit
As SR1 was entering the Beaulieu river a vessel was heard on Ch67 calling for assistance due to an overheated engine just off castle point. SR1 Offered assistance and a tow.
Castle Point
SV polar bear was over heard calling for assistance after grounding on the bramble bank on Ch16.

Once on scene the casualty was observed and seemed to be almost afloat,  Decision was made to standby as flood tide and SWly wind would free vessel from its position SE of Bramble Bank. Main sail was flying and sheeted in.

Casualty vessel slowly made progress and was able to sail free of the bank. Once casualty was clear of the bank a crew member was put on board for welfare check and to check integrity of the vessels keel bolts and crew welfare.
Bramble Bank
Newton Creek
Whilst out on routine training Solent Rescue 2 was alerted to a missing swimmer by Hamble lifeboat, 
Shore line search started and then further information came to light so search was moved further out and west, Swimmer was located by a passing vessel and Hamble went to check that the swimmer was ok, Swimmer was adamant that he was going to swim to the Isle of Wight so both lifeboats stood by to fend off approaching vessels until swimmer reached the shore 
While heading to launch site we where flagged down by a member of the public reporting they had found a dog wandering and they had seen a young child approx 7 years old in a pink jacket walking on her own looking for the dog and walked off with no parents in sight.

2x crew stayed with the first informant to get further details and attempted to contact parents via the number on the dogs collar while 2x crew headed in the direction the child was last seen heading.

Child was located with parents a short distance away and dog was reunited with owner.
While heading back to the boatshed from the launch site we noticed a vehicle stuck on lepe road in flood water with waves breaking over it.

Crew headed to the boat shed to kit up and drove tractor to the vehicle.

On arrival the female was removed and taken to safety and a lepe ranger made his way back to the country park on foot.

A tow rope was connected and the car was towed to the coastguard cottages car park area.

During this time several vehicles where advised to turn around due to the depth of the standing water on the road.

Crew then returned to the boatshed, washed down all equipment and continued with maintenance tasks


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