Whilst out on sea trials SR1 crew heard a PAN PAN from yacht Zaurak who was drifting towards Lepe Beach. As SR1 was in the vicinity of Salt Mead buoy conducting sea trials they self tasked to offer assistance.

The yacht had 4 adults and 1 infant onboard, arriving at the Yacht 8 mins after receiving the PAN PAN, the yacht had anchored but the skipper confirmed that his engine would not deliver adequate power to maintain headway.


Solent coastguard had tasked Calshots B class lifeboat to assist once on scene SR1 and Calshot discussed towing arrangements and communications with Solent Coastguard was made who agreed that SR1 could take the yacht under tow to Lymington.

The tow was established and the yacht heaved anchor, during the tow the yacht tried to test its engines with out success.


Sr1 crew arranged for a berth to be available. With Lymington CRT standing by to assist once in Lymington Berthon marina launch meet SR1 and took over the tow with standing by, once the yacht had berthed without incident Solent Coastguard stood down SR1 and thanked them for there assistance.

SR1 then returned to Lepe to recover and was washed down and made ready for the next launch.


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