Arctic 24 refurbishment.

Back in 2020, we began plans to refurbish our larger vessel, a Halmatic Arctic 24, call sign “Solent Rescue One”.

At the start of 2021, a funding opportunity from the Charles Burnett Foundation presented itself to allow us to realise a substantial proportion of these works.

Due to COVID, we found that companies who would be able to complete the required refit had substantial lead times due to restricted output capability and increased demand generated by the easing of lockdown.

However, we are extremely happy to report that last night (after a very swift and professional response from BERTHON), Solent Rescue One traversed the Western Solent to Lymington where this morning she was lifted to begin works.

The images below were taken during the transit, moored in Lymington and being lifted this morning.

Berthon very kindly will be taking photos throughout the work and we will keep you all posted throughout the coming weeks.

It has been a long path to get to here and we would like to thank you all for your continued support.


On Friday 16th July we collected the boat back from Berthon in Lymington after the required works had been completed. We will now start Sea Trials and continue our Crew Training onboard to ensure our crew have the required skills.