Assest: SR2

Tasking: Kayak blown offshore with 3POB 

Location: 50° 44’ 28.84” N 1° 24’ 7.67” W

Solent Rescue Base spotted inflatable kayak leaving Lepe beach with 2 adults and 1 child on board.
Observed kayak paddle west towards Newtown creek, Ebbing tide and easterly winds ensured the kayak was soon out of sight, and that any attempt to return to Lepe beach would be extremely difficult. 
With the tide not due to turn any time soon, and Solent Rescue 2 undergoing some final pre-launch preparations, Solent Rescue Base raised Solent Coastguard and advised them of the situation. In turn the Coastguard promptly tasked Ryde Rescue to locate and assist the kayak. Ryde rescue however were tasked to another incident whist en route.

With final pre launch preparations undertaken, SR2 launched and conducted a shoreline search from Thorness bay to Newtown Creek, good visibility and smooth seas close to the Island allowed for ideal search conditions, and SR2 was able to maintain a track spacing of 0.3 nm from shore. With nothing found on the 1st leg, SR2 returned towards Lepe, stepping out one track spacing for the return search leg. The kayak was located shortly into the 2nd leg close to the West Lepe buoy, with the occupants making little headway against wind and tide.

SR2 recovered the 3 occupants on board along with the kayak, after checking they were not injured and otherwise ok they were returned to Lepe beach. 

Occupants were unaware of the wind and tidal conditions and had travelled much further than they had expected, whilst failing to recognise that they had entered a shipping channel. Some sea safety advice was given by SR2 crew.


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