Whilst out on a family walk, child was seen to be very distressed walking along the beach by the spit.
Christine approached the child and found the child had been separated from her parents, child was calmed down and asked where the last place she could remember being with her family.
Wayne then began to look around the beach and attempted to call Lepe via phone. After about 20 minutes we noticed a family approaching us waving. The child identified that this was her uncle and cousins.
When the family reached us we identified ourselves as being members of Solent Rescue and explained that we had found the child very distressed wandering along the beach. Family thanked us for our help and carried on there day.


We rely heavily on donations offered by the generosity and goodwill of others. We are fully independent and separate to the RNLI and 100% of your donations will go to keeping Solent Rescue operating to the highest possible standards. 

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